Metro Award Group

Enchanting Homes, Exquisite Living

"We embrace a synergistic path of growth with our esteemed partners, dedicated to fostering value for our clients and the local community."

-Tony Lam
CEO of Metro Award
In the midst of Australia's unique cultural environment, the vibrant real estate boom, and the overarching context of sustainable development strategies for human habitation, Metro Award, a subsidiary of Award Global Group, has come into existence.

We stand as audacious pioneers, employing architectural acumen to embrace the challenges of contemporary living environments. Our unwavering dedication lies in enriching the fabric of human habitats through visionary architecture, fostering harmonious bonds between individuals, communities, cities, and nature. We strive to provide investors with not only lucrative returns but also an emotional sanctuary and a profound sense of belonging.

We are the torchbearers of social purpose and corporate responsibility, spearheading industry innovation that champions the symbiotic evolution of humans and the environment. With consummate artistry, we shape idyllic living spaces, forging an ideal haven where harmonious coexistence flourishes.

Moreover, we assume the role of trusted guardians, safeguarding the value of investment portfolios. Armed with a distinctive perspective and an abundance of market expertise, we explore investment horizons with unwavering zeal, rejecting mediocrity in pursuit of unparalleled excellence.
Metro Award forges close partnerships with an esteemed consortium of legal advisors, urban planning experts, and engineers who represent the cream of Australia's local real estate industry. From the outset of each project, we invest substantial resources in meticulous design and comprehensive research. By harnessing cutting-edge design philosophies, we ensure optimal capital allocation, maximizing architectural excellence while minimizing construction costs. Moreover, our commitment to innovation extends to both architectural and landscape design domains, where we employ groundbreaking technologies to create alluring, comfort-centric living environments, redefining the standards of modern-day habitation.

About Us

Founded in 2005 in Sydney, Australia, Award Global Group upholds the corporate philosophy of "integrity as our foundation, excellence through diligence." With the unwavering support and vigilant oversight from our esteemed clientele and diverse sectors of society, we have evolved into a comprehensive enterprise, seamlessly integrating real estate development, sales, management, financial credit, and international remittance services.

Today, our network spans across Australia's major cities, boasting over 20 branch offices strategically located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and beyond.

Our suite of services encompasses a wide array of offerings. We specialize in facilitating study abroad and immigration services, diligently curating internship and job opportunities. For new immigrants and overseas buyers, we provide invaluable guidance in property acquisition, coupled with tailored financial loan solutions. Our expertise extends to delivering astute property investment advice, managing fund portfolios, crafting bespoke commercial investment strategies, and providing comprehensive property management solutions. Leveraging our profound expertise in local real estate development, we offer project development and management services tailored for discerning high-net-worth investors. Additionally, we extend our support to affiliated partners, rendering invaluable consultation services spanning legal and tax matters.

At Award Global Group, we steadfastly prioritize standardized management practices, deliver personalized and attentive service, and foster an unwavering commitment to our trusted brand. With resolute dedication and relentless pursuit, we endeavor to craft an exemplary, secure, and professional one-stop service platform in Australia. We strive to be your reliable partner, expertly navigating your journey of settling, acquiring properties, and cultivating lasting wealth in the dynamic landscape of Australia.
Award Global's 360-degree comprehensive services breakdown:
· Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Legal Due Diligence
· Investment Strategies
· Investor Relations
· Project Concept and Planning
· Human Resources and Team Formation
· Asset Management
· Feasibility Analysis
· Banking and Financial Services
· Design and Architecture
· Project Management
· Marketing and Sales Promotion
· Project Evaluation and Financial Management
· Project Tracking, Cost, and Pre-sale Debt Rights