Exemplary quality born of innovation
Devoted to the present, Scripting the future
Crafting homes of exquisite quality
with a human-centric ethos
Unveiling a novel experience of
a contemporary and refined living era


Philosophy and Vision

Our unwavering commitment to shaping the future through design and construction
arises from our profound sense of responsibility towards the societal and natural environment.
Metro Award group
endeavors not merely to create buildings,
but to embrace a realm of enhanced living.


We bear a tremendous responsibility towards the community and the environment,
with a commitment to designing the future

About Metro Award

"We embrace a synergistic path of growth with our esteemed partners, dedicated to fostering value for our clients and the local community."

- Tony Lam,
CEO of Metro Award
From the humblest of seeds to towering giants, from nascent ideas to soaring skyscrapers, Metro Award has always embraced the principles of innovation, unwavering focus, and limitless potential. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is rooted in meeting the ever-evolving needs of our esteemed clients and capitalizing on the opportunities that our like-minded partners bring. Together, we forge a path of mutual growth and prosperity, paving the way for a future filled with boundless horizons.