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A Winning Edge in Talent at Award Global group

Metro Award group: An Abundance of Talents Within Metro Award,
we have gathered a wealth of professionals who are not only well-versed in their field of expertise but also possess an intimate knowledge of the local real estate market.
Leading our team is a group of outstanding industry practitioners who steer us towards unparalleled success.
Alex Fu, an esteemed figure in the overseas Chinese community, holds prestigious positions such as Chairman of Metro Award. His remarkable profile includes being the President of the Southern Anhui General Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Chairman of the renowned Fu An Group in Australia, Chairman of the esteemed Fulim Group in the Philippines, Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Honorary Consul General of the Timor-Leste Consulate General in the Philippines, and Chairman of the esteemed Fujian Fu Gangsheng Trust Foundation. With a wealth of experience in the mining and financial investment sectors, Alex Fu brings a wealth of expertise in corporate operations and management. His adeptness in fostering relationships with business partners, government entities, and investors is unparalleled. Furthermore, his astute vision has enabled him to recognize the unprecedented urban development opportunities emerging from the expansive development strategies of the New South Wales government in Western Sydney, Australia. Alex Fu has played a pivotal role in numerous large-scale commercial and residential real estate projects, spearheading the investment and construction of diverse flagship developments. With his exceptional foresight, unwavering capabilities, discerning judgment, and extensive investment and real estate experience, he has consistently ensured that Metro Award maintains its industry-leading position amidst fierce competition and a landscape rich with opportunities.

Alex Fu

Chairman of Metro Award

Tony Lam


Tony Lam is an esteemed industry leader with over a decade of experience in senior management positions within the Australian business landscape. His extensive expertise spans diverse fields such as investment fund management, real estate development, immigration, and entertainment. Tony Lam possesses profound insights and a wealth of practical knowledge in key areas including land assessment and acquisition, strategic financial project planning, team establishment and operational management, meticulous project refinement, astute contract negotiations, and effective marketing and sales strategies. Furthermore, Tony Lam assumes a pivotal role in overseeing the daily operations and management of Award Global, skillfully directing significant decision-making processes that continually enhance and amplify the company's intrinsic value. As the visionary founder of Award Global, Tony Lam has spearheaded a series of groundbreaking real estate development projects in the Sydney region since 2014. Harnessing his extensive industry experience, unwavering professional acumen, and unparalleled team execution capabilities, he ensures that Award Global Group consistently delivers unparalleled quality products and services, thereby maximizing the benefits for discerning self-occupying buyers and astute investors.