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Urbis is a distinguished team of seasoned experts, renowned for providing exceptional professional consultancy services. With their wealth of practical experience, they offer visionary guidance to propel projects forward. Their specialized fields encompass planning, design, policy formulation, heritage, valuation, transactions, economics, and comprehensive research. As a versatile and cross-disciplinary consultancy firm, Urbis excels in assessing, managing, and ultimately realizing clients' aspirations. From strategic site selection to the formulation of impactful regulations, Urbis' relentless efforts yield substantial and sustainable returns, creating thriving cities and communities. Trusted as advisors to developers, property owners, investors, private enterprises, non-governmental organizations, community groups, industry associations, and government agencies, Urbis epitomizes excellence in consultancy services.
Ethos Urban is a distinguished urban planning and development consultancy firm. Renowned for their expertise and experience, they provide comprehensive solutions in town planning, effective communication, policy formulation, and innovative urban design. Their invaluable contributions have significantly elevated Australia's standing as a globally acclaimed nation. As a premier team of indigenous urban development specialists, Ethos Urban plays a pivotal role in shaping regulatory frameworks, strategic planning, urban precinct design, and community engagement. Their independent and visionary professional advice sets new standards across diverse market sectors.

Xiamen C&D Inc.

Xiamen C&D Inc. is a modern service-oriented enterprise, focusing on supply chain operations and real estate development. With a commitment to "exploring new value and enhancing the quality of life for a broader audience," it strives to provide clients with exceptional supply chain value and comprehensive real estate services guided by the principles of professionalism, efficiency, quality, and integrity. Within the realm of supply chain operations, the company has established ten core business sectors, encompassing pulp and paper, steel, minerals, agricultural products, textiles, chemicals, electromechanical, automotive, alcoholic beverages, and logistics services. It has cultivated business relationships with over 150 countries and regions worldwide, solidifying the global presence. In the domain of real estate development, it have proudly developed two distinguished brands: "Jianfa Real Estate" and "Lianfa Real Estate." With ongoing projects in 25 cities across China, it has strategically positioned ourselves as a national leader in the real estate industry, contributing to the architectural landscape of our country.


WMK ARCHITECTURE is an acclaimed and dynamic architectural design firm, recognized for its exceptional achievements. They offer comprehensive and integrated services in architecture, interior design, facility planning, and corporate branding, catering to the needs of both businesses and residents. Renowned as experts in sustainable design, WMK ARCHITECTURE takes a holistic approach, seamlessly blending environmental innovation with commercial viability to deliver optimal solutions to their clients. With a passion for pushing boundaries and pioneering breakthroughs in architectural innovation, WMK ARCHITECTURE consistently exceeds expectations. As design experts, they demonstrate a meticulous understanding of the Australian Government's Work Health and Safety Act, ensuring meticulous consideration of policies and procedures in their designs.
BCP LAWYERS is a distinguished legal consultancy renowned for its expertise in construction and property law. They provide exceptional legal counsel and comprehensive services to esteemed property developers and builders across Australia. With a team of highly qualified professionals possessing extensive practical experience in construction, planning, and property law, they excel in handling diverse projects encompassing large-scale commercial, industrial, residential, retail, health, and community developments. BCP LAWYERS consistently prioritizes their clients' interests, demonstrating a deep understanding of their needs and delivering unparalleled value through their authoritative expertise and unwavering legal support.

China Resources Land Limited

China Resources Land Limited, established in October 1983, carries the special mission of developing the Xiamen Special Economic Zone. The group has expanded its presence to 14 cities, including Xiamen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Nanning, Guilin, Yangzhou, Zhangzhou, Putian, Liuzhou, Ezhou, Ganzhou, and Nanjing. With a registered capital of 2.1 billion RMB and total assets of 25 billion RMB, the company ranks 51st among China's top 500 real estate development enterprises and holds a first-class qualification in real estate development. Over the past 30 years, the company has adhered to the concept of building quality homes and pursued excellence in creating high-quality and comfortable residential products. With a cumulative development area exceeding 10 million square meters and a land reserve of over 6.5 million square meters, we have built numerous happy and intelligent communities for our customers. Additionally, the company has provided construction services for large-scale public projects in government, finance, exhibitions, and hotels, leveraging our mature development model and professional engineering management experience. We have successfully completed nearly 10 key projects at the municipal level or above. China Resources Land Limited will always uphold the mission of "creating a quality living environment and serving urban development." Through the "real estate +" model, we aim to achieve diversified integration and value sharing, striving to become an excellent real estate operator in China.